Senior IT Engineer

Job Description

Our client is an expanding IT Retailer.
Increased growth has led to the opening of a new role for a Senior IT Engineer to join their Acton based operation:
Candidate Criteria:
* Experience in PC/Audio Visual and Networking procedures
* IT Experience
* Networking
* PC Repair
* Ful UK Driving Licence

Ensure that:

-All jobs are recorded

-Urgent jobs are addressed first

-All items returned by customers are correctly recorded as having been received

-Items are checked in and paperwork completed

-Details of items being prepared for customers are checked

-Deliveries and installations are co-ordinated to ensure cost effective delivery

Customer Support:

Answer incoming technical support calls and assist customer in overcoming their software or hardware problem.

-Assuming the customer has very limited computer knowledge until it becomes obvious what the extent of their knowledge is.

-Not making the customer feel embarrassed about lack of knowledge or the fault that has occurred.

PC Maintenance/Servicing

Service and maintain PCs to the highest possible standard ensuring reliable performance and operation for rental customers.This will include:

-Upgrading and configuring computers to clients’ requirements.

-Installing software as required and appropriate.

-Visiting clients to attend to onsite technical issues.

-Undertaking the re-imaging of computers (to original factory spec).

-Servicing returned computers as per documented company procedures.

-Organise for repairs of faulty computer equipment and peripherals.


Install computers and peripherals at client sites as required.

-Maintaining correct vehicle log records.

-Ensuring you have sufficient technical equipment and spares with you at all time.


Ensure that you understand and are capable of installing, servicing and operating videoconferencing equipment.

Equipment Delivery/Collection

Undertake such deliveries and collections as may be required of you from time to time.

-Load van with orders ensuring easy access to equipment bearing in mind delivery sequence.

-Place protective material as appropriate to protect equipment in transit.

-Carry sufficient technical equipment, spare parts, cables and equipment (projector, laptop) to ensure effective installations and to facilitate delivery of urgent orders that may arise while you are doing delivery rounds.

-Maintain accurate records of time taken for deliveries, installations and collections so that clients can be charged for additional time if necessary.

-Maintaining correct vehicle log records.


-Recording of courier information to ensure goods are accurately received and dispatched.

-Maintaining service records of equipment to ensure warranties are claimed where appropriate, PCs are serviced within acceptable guidelines and returned within a reasonable time.Ensuring that faults are sufficiently documented as to be able to explain the problem succinctly to third party servicing centres.

-Maintaining internal database records of equipment incoming and outgoing to ensure all components of systems are tracked both in-house and while on-rent ensuring equipment is not lost.

Sales Support

Provide sales staff with product knowledge, capabilities of equipment etc as required.

-Maintaining up to date product knowledge (for new equipment) and knowledge of (existing equipment) features/functions as required to inform sales staff of ability of equipment to meet customers requirements.

-Maintaining an awareness of components stocked and ability of individual machines to be modified to suit various requirements.


Communicate accurately with all staff regarding all aspects of the job. This will include:

-Informing sales staff of ability to meet deadlines.

-Informing other technicians of known problems, updates available etc.

-Informing management of equipment needs, hazardous environments, potential problems etc.

Time Management

Ensure all jobs are performed in the order that they are required.This will include:

-Ensuring customers needs are always put first (above any other).

-Ensuring jobs which are required ‘urgently’ are processed in the order they are required rather than as they are received from the sales department.

-Ensuring sales staff are aware of ability to meet deadlines.

-Ensuring accounts staff receive paperwork in a timely manner allowing them to prepare paperwork in time for the customers deadline.


-Develop a personal relationship with clients over the phone and during installations, treating them courteously at all times.

-Keep abreast of changes in technology, the industry, competitor activity and the market environment.